–The Destiny of Life–

The night was dark,
With time 10’o clock.
On the lonely road,
In the breezy night.
We were the only ones,
Heading up our homes.
Under an umbrella,
She looked like my Cinderella.

My heart beat like hell,
For I had something to tell.
But before I spoke–
The silence broke.
“Will you stay forever?”–
Words from the one very clever,
My chest was full with pain & strain,
With those broken dreams,
And a broken “me”.
Surrounded by fears,
Rolled down the tears.
My heart skipped a beat,
For I knew; destiny,
Was repeating the same
Heartbreak chapters for me.
And I could never stay,
Because I had a game-
Of life to play…

Pranav Kande


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