–Last Night–

We were the only ones in the park,

Marigolds and lilies disappeared in the dark.

We sat on a bench under the moonlight,

It all happened last night.

We were just an inch apart,

Everything was quiet except my heart.

And I kept looking at her,

In the distant traffics murmur.

She was much more beautiful than Barbie to me,

Forever in her heart is where I wanted to be.

Crickets and cicadas broke our silence,

Jasmine and roses filled us with fragrance.

But her smile was the most appealing,

It was indeed the best feeling.

Even the breeze was getting weak,

And it was time for me to speak.

‘I love you’ was what I was going to tell,

-But the one who spoke was the alarm bell.

Unfortunately it was just a dream,

‘Not Again’ was what I wanted to scream!



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