–For You–

You are my only favourite teddy bear,

Scolding me for cutting my hair.

Everytime I look into your eyes,

I feel guilty for my lies.

You can call me mister,

But never make yourself my sister.

Your hairs fall down in endless ringlet,

My heart beats wild seeing the lips so wet.

The laughter echoes deep in my mind,

Feeling of ‘Love’ for you is so kind.

Remembering the conversations we make till 4’o clock,

I tend to laugh thinking about our every single talk.

I want you next to me lying on the bed,

Sharing the stories the whole night that are in our head.

It’s harder for me to ask for a hug,

Even when I make a face resembling a pug.

Oh! Baby I’m just too afraid of your look,

Because for you I’m just like an open book.

I’m alone I miss you so much,

I just want to sense your touch.

Now when we are apart a 100 miles,

I look back at our stories hidden in my old files,

My love is wild but I sense your love too mild.

My monkey, my cat- I Love You So Much.

But still…



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